Taste the loveli difference of
chef-inspired edibles. Each signature recipe was perfected with one goal in mind: to make the most delicious edibles in the world. Our juicy gummies are bursting with real fruit flavor and our decadent brownies are full of fudgy goodness. It’s all the bliss of cannabis, but with the taste of your favorite treats.




ten huckleberry gummies

happili huckleberry gummies.

The tall grass against your knees, the sun shining through the trees. Let yourself be transported to a place far away from it all, where tangy huckleberries grow wild on the hillside. Go ahed, pluck one straight from the vine and take a bite. Each gummy is a precise 10mg of THC for a consistent high, and made with natural flavors and sweeteners (never any of that corn syrup stuff). Savor the moment and live more calmli, more mindfuli, more joyfuli.




ten watermelon

wildli watermelon gummies.

Breathe in the soft breeze, the clouds floating above you, the birds chirping, the waves splashing. You've been whisked away on a
micro-vacation. Enjoy this uplifting burst of fresh watermelon flavor that'll make your mouth water. Each chef-inspired gummy is just the right amount of sweet and fruity with a precise 10mg of THC every time. Always made with natural flavors and sweeteners (never any of that corn syrup stuff). Live more sweetli, more happili, more joyfuli.




ten raspberry gummies

refreshingli raspberry gummies.

Ahh summer. Just one bite and you'll be feeling summertime vibes no matter what time of year it is. Enjoy a sharp, bright and refreshing taste infused with bright berry flavor that will get your creative juices flowing. Each delicious gummy is a precise 10mg of THC for an even high, every time. Our chef insists on using only natural flavors and sweeteners without any of that corn syrup stuff. So go ahead and live more creativeli, more productiveli, more liveli.




ten chocolate brownies

cheerfuli chocolate brownies.

The crisp air, the glow of the campfire, that woodsy smell. Let the taste of these scrumptious fudgy brownies transport you to a blissful countryside where there's nothing to do but count the stars. How many constellations can you find? Chef's notes: each brownie is baked with real Belgium chocolate, all natural cocoa powder, and a precise dose of THC (10mg THC each recreational brownie, 50mg THC each medical) brownie. Live more calmli, more mindfuli, more joyfuli.

a blistfuli
melonli day

that tastes
like watermelon.

Dark green stripes and a creamy yellow underbelly are the tell-tale signs of a perfectly ripe watermelon rind, ready to be twisted off the vine and cracked open. Which do you taste more, the naturally sweet or the oh-so-juicy? Let us know.

are wild
at heart.

While they look like big, purple-colored blueberries, huckleberries have have flavor all their own. A bit less sweet and more tart, each bit transports you to where they grow untamed across mountain slopes or within dense forests. Where will you go?

that pack
a punch.

Grab a hanful of raspberries and breathe in the aroma. The smell is like a summer breeze, brisk and floral. A delicate balance of flavors in each bite. What will you taste first on your tongue, the sweet or the tang?

brownies baked
with the best
of Belgium.

The chocolate lover in you deserves the very best. Indulge in real, Belgium chocolate; the finest coca in the world, made using a technique perfected over centuries. How will you savor the flavor? We suggest with a cup of tea.

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